Our Story

How it all began

The Celtic Roots Studio was formed in 1990 and has been based in Ballinahown, County Westmeath, since 1998. It is a tiny studio - living museum where visitors can learn about the history of a craft practice, meet the artisan at work, and see the finished pieces on display. 


Our Studio

The Celtic Roots Studio, situated in the centre of  Ballinahown Village near Athlone, County Westmeath, combines a tiny workshop and gallery space with an interpretative space.The natural bogwood, the studio's 'raw material' was formed from trees that became engulfed in Irish bogs thousands of years ago and preserved in the low oxygen atmosphere of the peat. Now, discarded bogwood is reclaimed by Celtic Roots Studio and slowly dried over two years before it is carved and polished into contemporary sculpture and jewellery. The studio offers a special engraving service, as well as classes on small-scale wood carving that give the person a memento to take home and an understanding what it takes to sand and polish wood.